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Jorge Perez
Jorge Perez
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The Kodak FunSaver disposable film camera comes preloaded with Kodak gold 800 35mm film, most of the disposable cameras out there have the same number of exposures, 27 in total.

Basic Specs

But the film sensitivity of the Kodak Funsaver is a bit higher, ISO 800 makes it a bit better for indoor shooting. But what makes this camera great, is how simple it is to open up, unload the used film, and reload with a brand new roll.

Reloading The Camera

Some disposable cameras are a bit difficult to open, at least for casual users that don't have experience with film, which makes it a lot more complicated to reload, especially if you intend to do that somewhat frequently.

However, if you already know that you will be reloading the camera, and reusing it frequently, then, unfortunately, you will have to consider what camera is just simple to open up and reload.

YouTube Video

For a full guide on how to reload the camera, head to the reloading post on the site here. Or, you can watch the full YouTube video where I show you how to do it step by step, here:

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